Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In the photos I mentioned below, I found 32 photobooth pictures of my family. These have to be displayed...And I was thinking of doing this!

It's simple, really. Scan the photobooth singles and have them printed out as 5x8's or 8x10's! I really don't like using frames for my photos, so I could mount them on sheets of craft wood. LOVE it!
When my great-grandma died earlier this year I was given first dibs on her many, many photo albums. I had always begged her for family photos and considering she had just passed, I found solace in browsing through old memories. These are just some of the photographs:

My grandparents when they were dating! How great is that?

This is my real dad.

And my only momma. :)

I was such a ham and camera hog.

I didn't care much for Star Wars, I was all about the puppies.

Me and my childhood friend, Crystal; she was born on the same exact day in the hospital room next to me.

My cousin, Gabby, and me with jam on my face.

USC all the way! haha

I need to find a neat way to display family photos; I don't want to hide them in an album. I want to remember where I came from and the people who made me who I am.
I cleaned out my car today and found eight bags of thrift store purchases. I seem to find the coolest things when I go thrifting. I unpacked everything, added their prices, and the total cost was only $17.25! (Included in the price was also a fondue set, set of brandy glasses, two old glass carafes, two decorator trays, and a planter bowl. They weren't as fun to photograph, though.)

This adorable trivet needs a bit of cleaning, but it was a steal.

K has a thing for unicorns and butterflies, as most eight-year-old's do. I found this unicorn and the jewelry box below for .50! The owl vase behind it has a neat handle; I thought it was an interesting piece.

I think she wants to spray paint them hot pink.

I think change purses are one of the best accessories a girl can have.

I am absolutely crazy about crocheted blankets, so when I found this six-foot long runner I was completely stoked. And it was only $2 and the colors are incredibly fun. It might end up at the foot of my bed, we'll see...

I love using old tins for storage. This one is already a favorite of mine! I love the bird print!

I found three of these ceramic plates and thought they would be wonderful for homemade sushi and garnishes.

I absolutely cannot pass up a good how-to book or vintage illustrations.

This was printed in 1977, but it has some gorgeous floor plans for modern homes; there are a lot of Eichler-style designs included. I was drooling in the store while flipping the pages.

I can add this to my collection of seven vintage deer figurines.

This little wooden bird was too charming to pass up; it's ready to hang on the wall.

Not too long ago I found these butterfly wall ornaments for K's room, and now we have four more.

I should open an Etsy store and sell vintage finds, I swear.
Recently I found this great faux bois file box at a thrift store that I thought would make a great place to hide magazines in the living room. It was only $1.75 but DesignLAB has it for $28! Um, I'm really glad I have good luck thrifting.
Just hangin' out with Emma Riley.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks to Gustav, one of my favorite architectural structures, the Farnsworth House, has flooded...yet again.

Despite being five feet off the ground, Mies van der Rohe's first residential building has been victim of recent record-breaking rainfall. She had only just recovered from last year's flooding. This gorgeous girl will hopefully be restored to her original state by the end of the year. I had planned to visit before the New Year, I guess that idea is busted. Best wishes to a speedy recovery!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I found these unique pieces at a thrift store I frequent; they were marked at either $20 each or 3/$20. The owner couldn't tell which one. She said they had been sitting in a corner for months so she asked what cash I had on hand. $11.87 later I was loading all three of these fellas into my car. Next time I go, I will make sure I donate extra for my purchase. I love those folks!
The tulip base will match my dining table and side tables!

I will probably use two of them as terrariums for my succulents (one inside and one outside) then give one to my friend, M. He suggested the idea of housing hermit crabs in one, it's a neat idea. We'll see...

What would you use them for?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I took K to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton today. Sea turtles, sharks, observation tower! And it's free! (We left donations, though...)

Nurse shark!

These recent sea turtle hatchlings will eventually be released into the ocean.

FeeBee, a Loggerhead turtle. She was the sole survivor of her nest-mates.

" Look at the spiders, they are everywhere!"

These orb weavers were 20 feet above our heads, yet their large size is still evident. They were kind of pretty, actually.

And they make gorgeous webs that span up to three feet wide.

The observation tower is 40 feet high. It might as well be 400 feet high, we both got height sickness on the swaying wood "tree house." It was worth the climb, though; on the observation level you are above the treetops and can see both the Atlantic Ocean and city of Boca to the West. It just happened to be a spectacularly beautiful day, too!

Along the nature trail, we saw a spotted skunk (but I couldn't get a shot of it) and a raccoon! We did a no-no and fed the raccoon organic veggie crisps. He liked them.

We had a great Saturday!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Meet Ray and Charles Eames, the Black Cheek Zebra finches.

The most charming Pacific parrotlet, Sir Didymus!

I need to re-pot my succulent collection this weekend. I simply love the .49 white Billig pots from Ikea. I need to buy about 20 more to keep them all in unison.

This guy started to die from some idiot at the nursery watering it from the top; luckily, I gave it a bit of proper care and it has new rosettes growing from that spot.

"Feed me, Seymour...feeeed me!"

I still need to learn all the names of my plants, which is hard when the nurseries label them as generic succulents.

I am taking K on a fieldtrip tomorrow with my BFF and her son. Sharks, Ikea, and possibly Harry Bertoia. I'll update with pictures tomorrow!