Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just an example of how much we've been enjoying the summer, this alone was our Saturday morning. Our regular visit to the Farmer's Market in historic downtown Fort Pierce, Manatee Observation Center, Smithsonian Marine Center, and a picnic in the park. It started off as a gorgeous day, but around noon the dark clouds started rolling in and we had ourselves a genuine thunderstorm to watch from the back porch.
Today was actually the most relaxed day we've had since school let out.
A bunch of massive catfish by the marina.
K showing just how happy A&J beef jerky makes us! It's all-natural, no preservatives (meaning zero nitrites and MSG), made locally from grass fed cattle. "It's heavenly," as K puts it.
A pretty neat sculpture made of salvaged materials in downtown Fort Pierce.
(Sorry this picture has ridiculous levels, but I was driving on the interstate and couldn't exactly meter and adjust accordingly; it just looked cool.)

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erica said...

I'm so glad you updated! I always love seeing your pictures, even if they make me a little homesick for Florida!